Announcing enra's next show: VOYAGER

Setagaya Public Theater, Tokyo, Japan

June 2017

With exclusive global management by Empire Entertainment Japan, the performing company enra presents their new show VOYAGER, to premiere this fall in Tokyo.

Welcoming musician and actor Nobuaki Kaneko in the role of music director, this new production from enra brings to life a complete story from beginning to end as in a concept album, going far beyond a simple compilation of enra's work to date.

With dynamic presence Nobuaki Kaneko pours his body and soul into his work, carving out unforgettable rhythms on the drums and earning his place on the cover of drum magazines and as the first Japanese drummer in banner ads for Pearl, joining the company of Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Joey Jordison (Slipknot).

As the title VOYAGER suggests, the theme of the show is a journey into the limitless reaches of space, to which enra now brings a new dimension of beauty and inspiration.

The odyssey of our existence.
In the chaos of a universe born from the big bang, a planet took form.
This planet became like a mother to all manner of life that teemed and thrived on her surface.
Onto this world humanity was born, and people looked to the stars as soon as they began to walk on two legs. Subsequent generations stood higher and higher, and soon fashioned wings for themselves, which they used to travel farther and farther into space.
This is the journey of life.

• Direction / Production / Video: Nobuyuki Hanabusa
• Music: Nobuaki Kaneko

{ Tokyo Premiere }
Date: September 8-10, 2017
Venue: Setagaya Public Theatre, Tokyo

Preview Video

Information about the Japan Tour to follow.

Please see full details here: (In Japanese only)

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