enra to Embark on 2nd Tour of North America

USA and Mexico, Cadenza Artists (USA), Lado Business Entertainment (Mexico)

Beloved performing company enra to tour United States and Mexico in October

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Japanese supergroup enra will travel to the United States and Mexico in October 2016 with their new full-length show PROXIMA for a tour of public performances featuring their signature fusion of digital projection and genre-transcending action.

Defying conventions of space, time, gravity, and physics through seamless synchronization of digital projection and physical movement, enra uses vibrant swatches of primary colors, Tetris-like geometry in multiple dimensions, and contrasts between human silhouettes and digital art in their futuristic and otherworldly performances. enra’s projections, essential to their art, create the simultaneous illusions of sensory interaction and projection mapping as performers seem to jump off of rooftops, swim through underwater temples, destroy projectiles, and harness the power of starlight.

The new show PROXIMA features dynamic brand-new works as well as audience favorites primitive, pleiades, and FUMA-KAI. Moods in the all-ages show range from suspenseful to serene, reverent to playful, emotional to upbeat. With contextual references to Japanese pop culture, cinema, video games, and even astrology, enra captures the postmodern and eclectic spirit of Tokyo, their sprawling, contemporary home—and it is precisely the universality and freshness of enra's work that creates instant and surprisingly emotional connections with audiences of all demographics and age groups.

The members of enra include specialists in martial arts, rhythmic gymnastics, popping, classical ballet, diabolo juggling, and street dance. Video artist Nobuyuki Hanabusa is enra’s director, whose background in automobile design and CG production for video games synergizes with the physical virtuosity of the dancers.

enra achieved viral video success in the United States after their performance for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic bid was picked up online, and their official YouTube channel has amassed millions of views. Since that first big performance, enra has been invited to perform at theaters and festivals around the world, including the Cannes Film Festival in France, a successful audition on America's Got Talent, a coveted spot on the 2015 Japan Society contemporary dance showcase, and enthusiastic ovations from Beijing to Buenos Aires, Memphis to Manhattan, Dubai to Detroit. They have performed in 26 different countries on 6 continents to overwhelming acclaim in just over four years since their founding.

"Combining elements of dance, performance art, music, technology, light, music and more, the versatile Japanese troupe ‘enra’ has stumbled upon magic." -- Huffington Post


• Future of Storytelling Summit  {New York City area}
Staten Island, NY - 10/5  (Special Showcase - Invitation Only)
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• Ferguson Center for the Arts  {Richmond / Norfolk area}
Newport News, VA - 10/9
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• Emens Auditorium, Ball State University  {Indianapolis area}
Muncie, IN - 10/13
[[[[[[LINK: TICKETS and Information]]]]]]

• North Shore Center for the Performing Arts  {Chicago area}
Skokie, IL - 10/15
[[[[[[LINK: TICKETS and Information]]]]]]

• Ricardo Montalbán Theatre  {Los Angeles area}
Hollywood, CA - 10/21 & 10/22 & 10/23
[[[[[[LINK: TICKETS and Information]]]]]]

• Lunario del Auditorio Nacional  {Mexico City area}
Mexico City, Mexico - 10/25 & 10/27
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• Lunas del Auditorio
Mexico City, Mexico - 10/26  (Special Showcase)

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