Rin Nakashima

Rin Nakashima is an innovative master performer of Japanese music who started playing the koto at the age of five. After working as a J-pop singer-songwriter, in 2004 she began working as a koto player full time, creating and cultivating her own musical world while upholding tradition.

Nakashima specializes in fusion instrumentation incorporating Western instruments such as guitar, piano, and percussion. Her music has been used in many TV shows and commercials, and she is a graduate of the NHK traditional Japanese music education association (Hōgaku Ikuseikai).

Career Highlights
- Participated in the recording of the Yuzu album “NI” and the Yuzu Asia Tour opening song
- NNN news program weather theme for the NTV network
- Performed a variety of overseas gigs and school performances as the Sakura Komachi Orchestra
- Five albums containing original songs and cover songs have been released to date
- Radio personality since October 2018 for Kawasaki FM
- Became a Sake Expert in 2019, taking her activities of sharing Japanese culture with the world beyond music
- Yuzu "Hanasaki Kumachi" (Itoen "Oi Ocha" commercial song) in 2020

Selected International Performances
- Holstein Music Festival, Germany
- Quebec Expo, Canada
- Japan-Maldives 40th Anniversary Cultural Exchange Event
- Japan-Indonesia Cultural Exchange Event
- 2015 Singapore JUGAS 45th Anniversary Concert
- 2015, 2016 Sakura Komachi Orchestra Italy Tour
- 150th anniversary ceremony of Japan-Italy diplomatic relations
- 2018 Brunello Cucinelli Music Festival
- 2019 Sakura Komachi Orchestra Baltic Kingdom Tour


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