NovaYa Laser Harp

novaYA is the only opera diva in the world who plays the musical instrument of the future -- the laser harp. The complete show includes laser beams played live, charming opera vocals, luminous costumes, and video projection, a unique experience to make your event unforgettable. A sample show might last 10 minutes and consist of 6 different music tracks. Laser harp master classes (7-10 minutes) also available.

novaYA performance credits include such landmark events as the Person of the Year award ceremony; a gala dinner at the royal palace of Bucharest (Romania); the wedding of Sheikh's son of Ras Al Khaimah (UAE); the award ceremony of Italian designers in the House of Architecture (Casa dell'Architectura, Rome, Italy); television shows at the National Opera of Ukraine, and many others events, presentations and parties.

The visually fascinating novaYA show is performed with the laser harp that sends brightly colored laser beams to the ceiling, filling any venue and perfectly scalable to big stages of opera theatres, concert halls, and even stadiums.

The soloist who plays the laser harp is professional opera singer Olga Rossi. Her charming voice is heard in soundtracks of a variety of TV projects such as Fashion TV, High Life, and Madrid Fashion Week. She is one of the few singers in the world who sings three different voices (opera, folk and pop vocal), and she also often performs with a flutist or a ballerina.

The key feature of novaYA distinct from other laser shows is that the lead musician does not pretend, follow, or repeat the moves of laser beams created beforehand -- in fact, she actually plays the laser beams, since the laser harp is primarily a music instrument. Every beam corresponds to a certain note, and thanks to MIDI controller connected to the harp, an endless amounts of sounds, tricks and effects can be played with the laser harp.

The laser harp is a harmonious combination of classic sensibility with innovative technologies and will grace the stage of any event.

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