Shinpei Kashihara

Shinpei Kashihara is an artist and designer whose works are based on the traditional Japanese art form of suiboku-ga (ink painting). Mixing media such as ink, acrylic, and crayons, his work evokes an eastern sense of beauty.

Works include interior decorations, live paint performances in collaboration with musicians, textiles, product and logo design, and more. With his tranquil yet robust work held in high regard, Shinpei Kashihara has had many successful exhibitions within Japan and overseas, continuing to push the limits of his art for more powerful connections and deeper cultural significance.

-- Selected Works --
・ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY - Japan Promotion Art (2016)
・Nakamura Shidou & Hatsune Miku Collaboration "Hanakurabe Senbonzakura" Visual design (2016)
・Honnouji Sub-Temple Ryouunin Fusuma Art (2014)
・Taichi Saotome “Dragon and Peony 2012” Sword dance shadow graph, costume (2012-2013)
・SIGG (Swiss) Product design (2008)
・Starbucks Japan Product design (2007)
・Television commercial for Roland Corp (2006-2016)
・Illustrations for magazines, CD jacket illustrations, logo designs, etc.
・Exhibition : QUIET NOISE (Tokyo 2016)
・CHINZANSO ART GALLERY (Tokyo 2011-2016)
・Shibuya Hikarie TEDxTokyo (Tokyo 2012)
・GALLERY BENTEN 17 (Hong Kong 2007-2008)
・GLOBAL GALLERY (Okinawa 2007)

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