Exploring and expanding the boundaries of art and creativity.

In our 21 years of producing events at Empire Entertainment we have worked with an amazing array of artists and creators who inspire, motivate, provoke and enlighten, as well as entertain. Over time we have developed a special affinity for a number of talented individuals in diverse fields, who change the ways we perceive time, space, and performance, extending our experience of the world we live in through their individual artistry, without conforming to any creative genre or box.

Unique artists in their own right, we created Empire Artists to support them and bring their talents and mesmerizing skills to a wider world. Combining our management, organization and promotional expertise with their individual talent and thirst to challenge and explore, we aim to generate appropriate opportunities to bring their amazing art, learning, communication, and entertainment to a larger stage.

The common theme of Empire Artists is their ability to communicate a message in a different way. To think bigger, explore boundaries, alter perceptions, and puncture long-held conventions, connecting, intriguing and wowing audiences one-on-one through to arena crowds, by transforming and integrating experiences beyond the reach of ‘normal’ creativity.

Much more than entertainment, our artists channel fields as diverse as advanced technology to traditional music, thriving on expanding what is possible in their specialist fields, driven by their individual creativity and sense of wonder.

Enjoy exploring, and if you would like to know more about any of our Empire Artists and the experiences they create, or feel we could represent you, please get in touch.

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Japan's top event production company, empire entertainment japan produces music, press, product launch, keynote, premiere and experiential events for many of the world's most respected brands. Empire's award winning video and film production team produces commercials, film, Internet shorts and viral videos for our many clients. Empire Artists represents top talent from genres such as video, dance, fashion, technology and variety performance for both corporate and theatrical engagements. Artists represented by Empire Artists include, enra, Marco Tempest, Alexa Meade, Han Ahn Soon, Yo-Yo world champion Black, Circus of Now and Taiko performers Mico Rhythm. Empire Entertainment Japan, based in Tokyo, is the premier experimential marketing and corporate event production agency in Japan.